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▲ Welcome to SA National Labour Solutions

With over 25 years of multi-functional experience, we really understand that business is getting more and more difficult. We understand the frustrations of Business Owners, Employers and Entrepreneurs, who work hard to keep their businesses open during these tough economic and over regulated times. With the over regulation, Employers are required to be labour law experts just to ensure that they stay within the confines of the law. We understand these challenges. That is why we at SA National Labour Solutions strive to make things simple for the Employer, so that the Employer can focus on their core business.

SA National Labour Solutions offers Employers, big and small, a comprehensive Human Resources, Training and Labour Relations Solutions.

Simply put, we are a ONE STOP SOLUTION for Employers.

▲ Our Vision

To become a provider of choice by continuously introducing new innovative Products and Services and by
exceeding the expectations of every client on every project.

▲ Our Mission

To offer labour solutions which are:

  • Creative
  • Cost Effective
  • Excellent and which 
  • Exceed expectations

▲ Competitive Edge

We are competitive through:

  • Being industry experts
  • Understanding the market
  • Being hands on
  • Developing good relationships

▲ Our Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Learning Incessantly 
  • Flexibility 
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Integrity 

▲ Our Motto

We believe in:

  • Growing Individuals 
  • Growing businesses 
  • Growing communities 
  • Just growing 

Industries we specialize in:

Agriculture / Farming
Metal & Engineering
Wholesale Industry 
Motor Industry
Wholesale Industry 

Hospitality Industry
Mining Sectors
Healthcare Industry
Retail Industry 
Renewable Energy
Road Freight 
Textile Industry

We are a proud member of the
SA United Commercial & Allied Organisation

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Cell Number:  076 322 2331

Fax Number:  086 726 0636

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